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Introduction Guide
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In manufacturing, distribution and logistics service companies, regardless of the business environment, available and reliable storage management package solution.
PRIO Solution
Values for logistics systems that directly affects the competitiveness of the core business strategy is attracting attention.

PRIO has experience in ​​building iWMS package in the Logistics area since the early introduction of domestic WMS
was established in 2007 and based on this, provide the best warehouse  management system solutions for the
customer' s site through the IT logistics services  and consulting services.
Suitable  for the company which primary goal is to have improvement and the basic operation in  warehouse consisting of a simple RACK and flat.
Suitable for the company which requires an organic linkage between logistics equipment and
facility in the logistics centers and declares the logistics innovation and efficiency improvements
as the main goal. (Multi-center operations)
Suitable for the company without purchasing server or additional management personnel can
use inventory management function which logistics center and warehouse requires
In the integration of the rich experience and the latest IT technology of CLOUD service, WMS
inventory management system provides a new value to customers.
ALEx Outline
ALEx can be used in manufacturing, distribution and logistics service providers regardless of the business environment
is a reliable storage management package solution.

ALEx minimize the inventory management of LOCK, has been developed considering the Cloud service, can be installed
and linked in all commercial database.
Function summary
Master management
Basic information registration for system operation. ALEx's master configuration information as follows.
Item Master : Detailed item master management for the center operation and set various information for the related product’s center operation.
Location management : Through granular location management, enables to perform the precise inventory management such as expiration date,LOT NO., FIFO(first in, first out).
Multi-center/shippers management : Use one system integrated manage multiple centers and shippers to understand enterprise logistics operations situation.
Business partner master : Integrated manage customer’s information that the shipper, warehousing and storage, transportation and other warehouse management needed.
LOT / Serial management : Check the validity of real and available to track manufacture to customers' in the history.
Unit configuration information management : Through easy unit conversion support able to automatically calculate configuration information 's volume, weight and quantity, also can manage the storage system's smallest unit information.
ASN (Advanced Ship Notices)
Through the interfaced due in information, perform real-time storage function including validity check. Support real-time storage through PDA, handwork warehousing based on output at the same time and various types of warehousing such as normal, emergency, move, return. For not sticking bar code can issue paste various warehousing barcode.
Piling management
After storage, based on the piling rules set in advance through PDA, recommend the best piling places to maximize piling efficiency. Consider the item, location, the effective date the FIFO, LIFO implementation is possible. Based on the characteristics of item, location recommend the best location. Especially of the same product priorities, priority of Empty type, arbitrary judgment to the warehouse workers can provide basic rules of strategy for the optimization to erect the stacking. In particular, provide default rules to optimize the suitable piling strategy to each center, such as the same product first piling, empty first piling and worker’s any judgment.
Factory management
Receive delivery order data from customers, deliver products quickly in logistics center to optimal process.(distribution → picking → packing → on truck → delivery)
Factory instructions
To carry out the order, combine the order processing as one in order to batch processing from picking to delivery. Therefore, to prevent undeliver and misdeliver also maximize the order fulfillment rate. Issue orders by pick batch, apply delivery rules such as assign and picking priority picking object first.
Create a process('delivery order → picking → packing → on truck → delivery') leading to promote work efficiency and reduce the lead time.
Through the picking strategy established on the delivery plan, worker can easily and simply perform the indicated operations sequentially, so that can expect to prevent errors in the picking, maximize picking efficiency. Recommend the best picking path, provide flexible picking strategy depending on the item' s characteristics, and also supports continuously work order.
Compare the current inventory and due out check whether there is missing, for the amount of missing perform distribution work in order to do the assignments work.
Additional function
Packing/ Subdivision management, processing in circulation management, CrossDock, fixed dispatcher management, worker management, KPI etc.
Function Characteristics
Multi-center (warehouse) integrated operating
Cargo units storage pile, warehousing distribution, supplementary method rule management
Systematic management of inventory status and working status
Working status and work base management
FIFO management, such as effective date, date of manufacture, storage performance, etc
Assembly / disassembly management
Location of the operating system can be set
Encrypted password and access log management by user
UI GRID item, location, size adjustment management by user
Privileged screen control and screen register, modify, and delete rights management
Visibility management with Graph / Chart analysis
Standardized PDA system management
Complex logistics warehouse and warehouse inventory management
The whole warehouse inventory is managed in a single database, correspond to multiple warehouse management. With the Fast and accurate judgment support reasonable inventory, reasonable order. In addition, many people's inventory management in the same warehouse can build into one database on one server, so the same products can be managed by multiple people.
Corresponding to the logistics warehouse operation rules
Each feature in the logistics field regularization characteristic operation operations to prepare the response. prepare in advance the rules storage procedure and site selection according to customers or Items. In addition, according to the categories you can manage the inventory management. Precise inventory management can be achieved.
Real-time management of work condition in the logistics warehouse
Capture the real-time working status all the time so that able to consistently respond to the irregular timing of treatment such as cancellation. Manage the all the inventory’s current situation in the warehouse. The one piece multi-position is also supported.
Visualizes the working status in the logistics warehouse.
Identify the real-time working condition and inventory status in the warehouses, monitoring delayed operation or missing work and execute the early required tasks.
Manage permissions by the operator
Standard implementation of menu control process rights which login ID allows. Menu control display menu at the login ID authority level. Processing authority can set update permissions and reference use of privileges by functions.
Log manage work content in logistics warehouse
Standard implementation of automatically obtained operations log. Own login and work history, confirm when someone login / logout, access which table at which stage by the Log query.
Support the operator screen configuration
System environment and platform